A-6+ 下墊板鑽孔機

1. 工作臺面具有左方、前方靠板邊對位裝置,再以紅外線標點裝置輔助對位, 對位完畢,鑽孔馬達自下向上以動作,將整疊板材(下墊板)鑽孔,配合上/下方 集塵裝置將鑽孔粉屑集中處置。
Workbench with left, front edge alignment device, and then infrared punctuation device assisted position. When alignment is completed, the drilling motor moves from bottom to top and drill the whole stack of backup board. Upper and lower dust collectors concentrate drilling dust.

2. 過去以人工進行簡易沖孔,易造成孔位置不准或孔壁不佳毛邊情形,對整體(整疊) 鑽孔板材平整度受影響,以此機型輔助人工作業,產量與精度大輻改善。
In the past, simple drill punching by manual could easily result in inaccurate drill hole position or poor hole wall condition and integral drilling panel flatness affected. This backup board drilling machine assist manual operations, yield and precision improve ment.