WestWind Spindle 主軸維修

westwind 維修

本公司主軸業務部為致力於提升服務之品質與時效性,1998年經英國西風公司(WestWind Air Bearings Ltd.)認證授權為台灣地區空氣主軸維修中心。導入原廠技術,採用精密之維修與測試設備,用以提供客戶鑽孔機更精確之維修品質與及時之服務。

本主軸業務部能夠提供您: (1) Westwind spindle西風主軸專業維修室:每一支Spindle主軸都能夠在維修中經過嚴格及有效的管制:超音波清洗、零件檢查、氣壓及流量、水壓及流量 一貫性檢測及安裝。運用WestWind原廠整套測試儀器,使Spindle主軸的維修品質及壽命更優良。

westwind 維修
(2)提供西風主軸Westwind spindle 零件 (Westwind parts),Westwind夾頭( Westwind collet)、軸心(shaft)、前培林 (Front bearing) 、後培林(Rear bearing) 、線圈(Stator) 、止推板(OTP)等各型號零件。

(3)銷售西風各型號主軸,D1331 、D1722 、D1686 、D1822 、D1823 、D1155-01 、 D1091-03 、M321 及其它型號主軸。

Westwind collets 夾頭

In order to improve the quality and timeliness of the service, our company was authorized by WestWind Air Bearings Ltd. in 1998 as Westwind spindle repair center in Taiwan. Introduce original factory technology and use precise maintenance and testing equipment to provide customers with more accurate maintenance quality and timely service for drilling machines and routing machines.

Our maintenance department can provide you with: (1) Westwind spindle professional repair facility: each spindle can be strictly and effectively controlled during the repairs: ultrasonic cleaning, parts inspection, air pressure and flow, water flow and pressure detection and installation. The use of Westwind's original set of test equipment can achieve high quality spindle repair performance and prolong spindle lifetime.

(2) At the same time, we also provide original parts of westwind spindle, Westwind collet, shaft, front bearing, rear bearing, coil, and thrust plate (OTP) and other types of parts Westwind.

(3) We sell all types of Westwind air bearing spindle i.e. D1331 、D1722 、D1686 、D1822 、D1823 、D1155-01 、D1091-03 、M321 and many others.

westwind 維修
westwind 維修